Someone Has Died
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Halloween Spooptacular - Episode #5

Hello all!

Here we are with our final episode of our Someone Has Died Halloween Spooptacular! Every Wednesday this month, we’ve going to release an audio recording of a playthrough of the game that we got to do with a whole host of hilarious special guests while we were working at Kickstarter HQ this summer. Have you missed our past episodes? Click here to see them all!

This week, we have some familiar faces, as Zach Raffio, HaleyJane Rose, Edward Precht, & Herman Whaley, return from Episode 2 for one of our most drama-filled episodes yet! Grab some Bugles and give a listen!

From left to right: HaleyJane, Edward, Hermon, & Zach

From left to right: HaleyJane, Edward, Hermon, & Zach

We hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more episodes!


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