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Halloween Spooptacular - Episode #4

Hello all!

We’re back with another episode of our Halloween Spooptacular! ICYMI, every Wednesday this month, we’re going to release an audio recording of a playthrough of the game that we got to do with a whole host of hilarious special guests while we were working at Kickstarter HQ this summer. Did you miss last week’s episode? Click here to listen!

This week we’ve got some hilarious NYC-based comedians, Carolyn Busa, Julia Shiplett, Ben Wasserman, & Chelsea Taylor, who prove in this episode that robot love truly knows no bounds. You can find Carolyn, Ben, and Julia performing in Side Ponytail, a free comedy show at Friends and Lovers in Crown Heights every Monday & last Saturday of the month at 8 pm. 

From left to right: Julia, Ben, Chelsea, & Carolyn

From left to right: Julia, Ben, Chelsea, & Carolyn

We hope you enjoy! We’ll be back next week for the last episode of our Halloween Spooptacular!

Check out Side Ponytail Comedy!
Every Monday at 8 pm at Friends and Lover in Crown Heights.

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