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Halloween Spooptacular - Episode #3

Hello all!

We’re halfway through our Halloween Spooptacular and here with another audio episode of Someone Has Died! ICYMI, every Wednesday this month, we’re going to release an audio recording of a playthrough of the game that we got to do with a whole host of hilarious special guests while we were working at Kickstarter HQ this summer. Wanna catch up? Click here for last week’s episode!

We’ve always hoped that Someone Has Died would bridge the gap between party games and role-playing games for some people, or for others, be able to scratch that role-playing itch. This week we’ve brought on a group of people who know a thing or two about role-playing, and show that role-players of all skill levels can sit down and enjoy a good will arbitration. The cast of Second Best: A D&D Adventure Podcast, joins us this week for a hilarious episode filled with inexplicable yet delightful accents!

From left to right: Glo, Stephen Kelly, Ali, & Stephen Buckley

From left to right: Glo, Stephen Kelly, Ali, & Stephen Buckley

We hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more episodes!


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