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Halloween Spooptacular - Episode #2

Hello all!

We’re back with another audio episode of Someone Has Died being played by people who are funnier and more talented than us! ICYMI, Every Wednesday this month, we’re going to release an audio recording of a playthrough of the game that we got to do with a whole host of hilarious special guests while we were working at Kickstarter HQ this summer. Did you miss last week’s? Click here!

As lifelong improv fans, part of what was most exciting to us working at Kickstarter was access to recording equipment and studio space. We’ve been fantasizing about getting skilled comedians into a room and having them run wild with our game since it was playable. In this episode, Zach Raffio, HaleyJane Rose, Edward Precht, & Herman Whaley, do just that. Someone Has Died offers lots of twists and turns for players and these folks pirouette around them with ease — IN SONG EVEN. I know we seem biased, but this is seriously one knee-slapper of a will arbitration.

Special shout out to master comedy curator Noa Osheroff for hooking us up with this group of jokesters, and to fellow Kickstarter resident Zoe Potkin (who has a live Kickstarter for her film CHAINS right now, btw) for pointing us in the right direction.

From left to right: Hermon, Zach, HaleyJane, & Edward

From left to right: Hermon, Zach, HaleyJane, & Edward

We hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more episodes!


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