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Someone Has Died is Going to PAXEast!

Hello and welcome to our brand-spanking new website! This is going to be the professional landing page and hub of all things Someone Has Died. An amalgamation of all of our social channels, newsletters, and word-of-mouth jabber. We hope you think it looks snazzy and will enjoy hearing periodic updates from us while we venture forth on the quest to make light of the legal process of death. 

Speaking of venturing forth, Someone Has Died is about to put itself out there in a big way. As the title of this post has given away, Someone Has Died is going to PAXEast!!!

After finding about the opportunity a mere 48 hours before the deadline, I was rather shocked to find out - nearly three months later - that Indie Megabooth had accepted Someone Has Died to exhibit with them at one of the biggest gaming conventions in North America. The news was unbelievably exciting and also totally terrifying as the game is making it's first giant leap into the public's judging, critical arms. It's also meant that we've been expediting production of new cards, art, and even rules to make sure the game is as good as possible before show time. Needless to say, we're nervous - but if the reception of the game thus far from wonderful friends and kind people at Playcrafting & GaymerX, this con is going to be a blast.

We're also so thrilled to be sharing this awesome experience with our good friends at Offcut Games, the guys behind Complicated Board Game the Card Game, and with The Metagame - who we were lucky enough to meet at the Strand several weeks ago. If you are fans of us, you should definitely check these guys out and give them a high-five at the con. We're also very excited to meet lots of new people and fellow designers at the con (did you know the Tabletop portion of Indie Megabooth is supported by Cards Against Humanity? It's very casual. We're not freaking out about it at all). Overall, everything is coming up roses. 

As a token of our gratitude for your support, please enjoy our submission video for Indie Megabooth, which was shot in a NYC coffee shop with little to no planning. 

- Adi 

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